Nice Guy (Chapter 5)

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Nice Guy

Tittle : Nice Guy (Chapter 5)
Author : Jellokey
Main Cast :
Lu Han (Luhan of EXO)
Choi Ji-seul (OC)
Byun Baek-hyun (Baek Hyun of EXO)
Support Cast :
Yoon Se-jin (OC)
Kim Jong-in (Kai of EXO)
Oh Se-hoon (Se Hun of EXO)
Kang Jeo-rin (OC)
Shin Min-young (OC)
Cho Yeon-sa OC)
And others
Length : Chaptered
Genre : romance, arranged marriage, school life, family, friendship
Rating : PG-17
Poster : @syrfhdy15/
Disclaimer : This story is pure MINE. Don’t plagiat or copy paste without my permission.

Teaser || Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4  Chapter 5

Walaupun Lu Han punya rencana untuk mencari ‘boneka’ baru,dia tetap berangkat ke sekolah bersama Sejin pagi itu.

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