Real Name : Debyanca

Korean Name : Kwak Myeong Lan (I translated it from my Chinese Birth name), Jung Rae Woo (According to my Birth date) and Jung Rae Ah (The favourite one that I made by myself ><)

[For your info, in the real life I have three names, same like my baby Wu Fan><]

Birth of Date : Tangerang – December 2nd, 1999

Fandom : EXOTIC

Bias : Krisseu Ahjussi!

Hobby : Reading, Writing, Drawing (Make some artworks by Photoshop or just handmade.) , Dreaming, Singing, Rapping, Dancing, Talking and dozen things that every human usually do. ><

About Me:

I’m a human of course. A girl? Absolutely.


I don’t know what to say~

I’m just a dreamer. With so many dreams that I will make it happen someday~ Talk-active, friendly, freak and humorous. I’m talking and communicating with two language. Bahasa and English.

Dedicating my life for EXO! That’s why I don’t have any fandom beside it. Because EXO is my truly favourite boy band!

Started my writing and artwork world when I’m still on seven grade at middle school. So I’m a newbie^^

Addicted with a freshness breathe mint bubble gum! Love all the funny-freak and sad romantic movie! Mwahaha~ I think I’m talking too much. I make you annoyed am I? So~ Let’s be a friend… See you next time^^

Personal Accounts:

Twitter : @givemetokris

Blog : Imagine Piggy

Line (ID) : Debyanca

Email : givmeto.krisseu@gmail.com


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