Choi Seung Jin

Choi Seung Jin

Celline Li a.k.a Jinnie Choi, 98 liner.

Kris Wu

Twitter: @cseungjinnie

Instagram: jinniexoxochoi – celline_li

Line ID – Me2Day – Weibo: aureliacelline

Kakao ID & Pick: Xiao_Li


About Me:

My name is Celline Li. An asian girl who came for beautiful land called Indonesia. My friends gave me alias ‘Princess from Cave in Neverland’. Honestly, I don’t know what’s that alias mean. I’m Senior High School student in Science class. I’m a pouting addicted. If check my instagram, you’ll find many picts of me pouting. Many people said that my face like Chinese, Bataknese, Vietnamese, Thai, even Malay. Sometimes I really don’t like it.

My bias is Kris Appa. Just let you know, when other kpop fan saw their bias pict, they’ll yell “Ah! That’s my boyfried!”. But me… When I saw Kris’ pict, I’ll yell “Ah! That’s my dad!” (??) I always say that Kris is my father hahah lol. For example, while I was playing basketball, I said to my friend “My father is basketball player. I must win this game. If not, he will angry to me.” And I said that with serious face hahaha. Some of my friends believe it XD

Well, I think that’s enough for explain about me and my bias. Let’s be friend^^



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