Real Name : Aurelia Alexandra Anjani

Korean Name : Jung Jiyeon

Chinese Name : Huang Zi Lian

D.O.B : Jakarta, 1st February 2000

Hobby : Reading, Writing, Dancing, Rapping

Idol : Many idols, but specially I love Kai, Sehun, Lay and Taemin

About me :

Just an ordinary girl who try her best to make other happy. A big dreamer and a fighter. For me, life is a game so I will fight till the game is over.  Started love k-pop since I still on 5th grade on elementary school. Luv EXO so much. Freak, crazy, humorous is a little about my description.

At first, I just like to read many fanfiction. But after that, I started to write my own fanfiction. Hope it not has many haters. As a human, I have my mistakes too. Because human is not as perfect as our creator.

Thought already have much talk, I should say goodbye! Pai pai.. annyeong^^

Contact Me :

  • Twitter
  1. @aureliAnjani
  2. @jiyeonjung88
  1. aurelianjani
  • Own WordPress
  1. aquabeat.wordpress.com
  2.  sekaijiyeon.wordpress.com
  • BBM Pin : 76BAF652

See you next time..^^

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